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Federally Recognized Swine Eartags

Team Purebred Online Benefit Semen Auction
Tuesday, August 19
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National barrow show
September 6-10 • Mower County Fairgrounds in Austin, Minn.
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Team Purebred Entry
**Updates to health rules:
1. Each animal must be accompanied by TWO COPIES of an official interstate health certificate issued by a licensed, accredited veterinarian. Certificate must show name and address of consignor; consigned to NBS®, Mower County Fairgrounds, 700 12th Street SW, Austin, MN 55912; official identification of hog; and health status of hog, including dates and laboratory location of required tests and vaccinations. All swine must have individual health certificates and a duplicate of each certificate. Remember, only one hog per certificate. Include your vet’s cell phone number on health certificates.

2. All certificates must be issued on or after Aug. 11, 2014, with the following information:
A. All breeding swine (market barrows excluded) must be tested for Pseudorabies (PRV) and Brucellosis after Aug. 11, 2014, unless they come from a PRV-qualified and Brucellosis-validated herd. Swine tested for PRV and Brucellosis must show the date blood sample was drawn. Either the Elisa, PCFIA, ALA or S/N tests are acceptable. Differentiable Elisa test will not be accepted. If the herd of origin is PRV qualified and Brucellosis validated, individual testing will not be required. In this case, the PRV qualification and Brucellosis validation numbers must appear on the certificate and complete date must be stated.
B. All breeding swine coming to the show MUST be vaccinated against Leptospirosis (6-way) including bratislava and erysipelas. The complete date of vaccination MUST be listed on the health certificate. Market animals should not be vaccinated.
C. All health certificates must carry the following statements: Farm or origin of the swine has not had pseudorabies or swine dysentery in the last 12 months, has not had diagnosis or clinical signs of PEDv or TGE in the last 60 days, feeds no garbage, uses no PRV vaccine, and is not under quarantine for any disease condition; also that vesicular stomatitus has not been diagnosed within 10 miles of the farm of origin within the last 30 days.
D. All breeding stock being exhibited at the National Barrow Show must be tagged with an official, federally recognized, eartag. For more information on federally recognized eartags, click here.

3. A premises ID number is required on your health papers.

4. Market barrows are not required to be blood tested but must meet items 1 and 2.C.

Summer Type Conference
June 25-28 in Springfield, IL
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2013 Sire EPD's available -
There are a total of 326 Sires in this summary. Click on the trait below to see the complete list sorted by that specific trait.
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World pork Expo
June 2 - 7
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Southwest Type Conference
Feb. 27 – March 1
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Biosecurity Letter from Breed Associations

Added Premiums at Houston and San Antonio
For the 2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Barrow Show, the American Berkshire Association (ABA) will award $100 in premiums to the highest placing Berkshire market barrows in each Berkshire weight class. In order to be eligible, Berkshire exhibitors MUST possess the ABA Certificate of Registry showing ownership by the exhibitor.

1. Non-placing barrows are not eligible for the additional premiums. The Certificate of Registry must be transferred to the new owner (date of sale, name and address must be printed on the bottom right side of the pedigree). Completing the back of the pedigree is not sufficient.
2. The exhibitor must present the ABA Certificate of Registry when requested by the individual representing ABA at the show. An information form must be completed and signed by the exhibitor or representative of the exhibitor before a premium can be mailed.
3. A designated representative of the ABA will be present at each show in order to verify the qualifications of each barrow and collect certificates.
4. The ABA reserves the right to collect a DNA sample on these animals. Premiums may be held until sire verification is complete.

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2013 Progeny Test Results

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Litter Registrations are available online.
Please contact the ABA office to obtain a username and password – your old username and password is not automatically carried forward. In order to record litters online, we must have credit card information so please have this info available when you call (card number, expiration date, security code, name on the card and billing address – if it’s different from the address on your account). To do transfers, you can go to Forms (click on Producers at the top of your screen) and download a transfer form.
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2012 Sire EPD's available -
There are a total of 297 Sires in this summary. Click on the trait below to see the complete list sorted by that specific trait.
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