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The mission of the American Berkshire Foundation is to preserve the past, strengthen the present and ensure the future by supporting the educational and career goals of our youth with scholarships and mentoring.

In 1990 Craig and Burdette Conover presented to the American Berkshire Association Board of Directors and membership an idea for creating a foundation that would fund youth awards and scholarships. The process for creating such a foundation began in 1994, and the American Berkshire Foundation was officially incorporated on May 7th, 1998 in Indiana. This is the only Purebred Swine Breed Foundation in existence.

The primary fund raiser for the foundation has been a state basket auction that is held before the annual meeting at the Summer Type Conference. Each state association is asked to bring a basket filled with items that are made in their state or reflects the heritage or legacy of the state. Private donations in memory or honor of a family member or friend are another form of income for the foundation.

Rocking-Pig[6] State-Baskets[6]


Financial support for the Foundation comes from donations, proceeds from our annual state basket auction and from those who volunteer 1% of their sale proceeds from the selected shows. All money donated goes towards scholarships and other programming that support our youth who are interested in the Berkshire breed. There are several options for individuals, organizations and groups to donate to the Foundation.

General donations-

Donations can be made in memory of a loved one or a general donation in any amount. We appreciate it all!

Volunteer 1%-

Breeders have the option to volunteer 1% of their sale proceeds from Expo, Summer Type Conference, National Barrow Show and Southwest Type Conference. Just select that option online when you are registering your entries for each show.

Cornerstone Program-

Every structure and every organization needs a solid foundation which begins with the Cornerstones. This program allows you to strengthen the Foundation and support the future of Berkshire and animal agriculture by contributing today. We currently offer two options: 1.) a one-time contribution of $1000 2.) An initial contribution of $100 and a pledge to donate $100 per year for nine additional years.

Cornerstone Donors

  • Chuck and Anita Martingirlwithpig
  • Phenotypic Acres-Drs. M. Peter & Lorraine Hoffman
  • Ritter Family Berkshires
  • John Baker
  • Steve Brown and Family
  • Steve & Jane Stassen
  • Walter Stickland
  • AJC Berks: Adam Conover
  • Kelly & Nina Bienson
  • White Knight Farm: Burdette & Alex Conover
  • Nick & Neil Mauck

Want to become a Cornerstone Donor? Download the Cornerstone Program form, fill it out and send it along with your check to Kim Stassen.

Please contact us if you wish to fund a designated scholarship long term or endow a scholarship. We operate as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit 503 (c ) 3 corporation under the laws of the State of Indiana.

For all donations, download the specific form and mail it along with your check to Kim Stassen at 1105 140th Ave SE, Kerkhoven, MN 56252

Download a Donation Form

groupThe American Berkshire Foundation is pleased to support youth and education through scholarships to young people active in the Berkshire breed.

The amount and number of scholarships will be determined by the Foundation Board on a yearly basis. Each applicant needs to fill out the scholarship application and must submit two letters of recommendation along with proof of enrollment into the next semester by April 1st. The scholarship committee will review the applications and make their selection before the Type Conference. Once the student has completed their first semester they will need to submit their college transcript to the Foundation. Download the application form for more information.

-- Download an Application Form --

Dr. Lorraine Hoffman, President • 515-450-1329 •
Karla Smith, Vice President • 309-645-4282•
Dr. Kim Mudroch, Secretary • 405-227-8043 •
Kim Stassen, Treasurer • 320-220-3626 •
Dr. Charles Martin • 308-325-4354 •
Al Conover • 515-491-8078 •
Julene Shaffner • 217-822-3584
Tracie Eggert • 219-869-0393 • 
Alex Conover • 630-270-9983 • 

Feel free to contact any of us with questions or suggestions.

"Supporting Our Youth"