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Alex Conover, Director of Berkshire Operations





On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are proud to announce the hiring of the Director of Berkshire

Operations, Alex Conover.


Conover comes to the Association with a vast depth of Berkshire knowledge and dynamic training in

meat science. His initial passion for the Berkshire breed began on a small family farm in northwest Iowa

where his family raised Berkshires, along with cattle and row crops. Conover shared, “I am excited to be

a part of the Association’s efforts to promote and showcase all that Berkshires have to offer.”


As a youth, he participated in many livestock activities and then pursued a degree in Animal Science at

Iowa State University. During this time, his passion for meat science quickly grew under the guidance of

Dr. Sherrlyn Olsen. Conover continued to utilize the ISU Meat Science Program by taking numerous meat

science courses, joining the meat science club, and ultimately judging on the 2015 Intercollegiate Meat

Judging Team. He emerged as a leader among his peers and was asked to serve as the assistant Meats

Judging Team coach, National Pork Producers social forces team member, Iowa Pork Producers

ambassador, American Berkshire Association marketing committee, American Berkshire Association

Foundation board member as well as other roles in the livestock industry.


Additional key responsibilities that have been part of Conover’s career growth included: Serving as the

Majority Leaders Page during the 2013 legislative session; an internship at Tyson Fresh Meats working in

their procurement division; and six years working for the Iowa State Fair Swine Department under

Director Ernie Barnes.


Conover’s most recent job was with Berkwood Farms of Des Moines, IA. As Director of Producer

Services, Conover was responsible for several diverse tasks. In this role, he assisted producers in

management and marketing decisions, collected and analyzed meat quality data, as well as solicited

food distributors throughout the country, directed promotional events and managed accounts payable.


As a Board of Directors, we are excited to have the opportunity to utilize this unique skill set, ranging

from meat science, marketing Berkshire pork, and exhibition management that Conover has developed.

We ask that you help us in welcoming him as he officially joins the Berkshire team on June 4th. His early

task will include membership outreach, a strategic analysis of the Berkshire Meats Program and initial

planning of executing the goal of doubling litter recordings as outlined in the Vision 2025 plan.


As we move forward with our newly assembled team of employees, we anticipate a heightened level of

industry awareness of the Berkshire breed, increased customer service for our membership and

expanded programs for breed growth.


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