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Meet the Team:

 Amy Smith

Published: May 1, 2017





Amy is from Windsor, PA. She graduated from Penn State and received her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.


Favorite part about your job:

I like working with all the breeders and getting to know them. Learning how they do things differently than others and what their passion is.


Favorite Show:

 It’s always nice to go to Belton for the warmer weather and the BBQ. Expo has grown so much and is the biggest show we have (all breeds).  Summer Conference is where we usually see the best set of hogs and there is a lot of tradition with the STC. NBS is a fun show, but the drive home always seems long.


Fun Fact:

 In my free time I like to read and crochet;

because I travel so much, my perfect weekend is one at home with no plans.

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