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How do I register a litter of pigs?

There are many ways to record a litter – you can complete the Forms and Litter Registration Form. Forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to the ABA office. You can also register online.  We must receive payment at the time of registration. If you fax, email or do online we need to have credit card information on file. We do not register litters over the phone.

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What information do I need to register a litter?

To register, you need to know your breeder number (this number is above your name on the pedigree), herdmark and whether you're recording as a member or non-member. You also need to know the sire (father) and dam's (mother) registered name, ear notch, registration number, sex of each individual pig and the litter's farrowing date. If the litter is A.I.'d, you must contact the boars stud and order an AI certificate. If you A.I.'d and do not know the ear notch and registration number of the boar, be sure to include the sire's name on the registration form so we can match the AI certificate with the correct litter.

Berk A.I. Certificate here.


How do I obtain a herdmark?

You must come up with a unique herdmark if you want to register litters with the American Berkshire Association. A herdmark is a combination of two to four letters that are included as a part of the registered name of each animal that you register. This information can be included on the membership application.



How do I Register Online?

To register online you must call the ABA office to obtain a username and password.

You must be a member of the ABA in good standing to register online. You will also have to have current credit card information on file.

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What do I need to register pigs out

of a boar I own?

If you are registering a litter out of a sire you own, be sure to have a blotter (DNA) card on file in the ABA office. To obtain a card, please order one from the ABA office. The card must be an FTA card.  Blood or clean semen can be put on the card. Directions come with the card and are available on the ABA website.

Starting January 1, 2012 all sires must be stress tested before litters will be recorded out of them. Sires may be stress negative, carrier or positive, but they must be tested.

 The ABA board encourages everyone to test gilts that they purchase for the stress gene. Please turn these results into the office so it can be noted in the pedigree system (even if your animal is a negative mating, we do note in the system when animals are actually tested).



How does transferring pedigrees work?

The seller should have signed the back of the pedigree. You need to fill out the name, address and date of sale. Be sure to sign the pedigree. Mail the pedigree to the office with the correct payment.





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