2018 Berkshire Hog College Boar

Congratulations, Austin and Ken Lane


Published: August 28, 2018






Ear Notch 20-6 | Farrowed: 1/22/18


The 2018 Hog College Boar, AUST8 OOH LA LA 20-6, exemplifies what the Lame firm believes progressive Berkshires should look like- being tall shouldered, extended up front and most importantly extremely square and athletic. This is a stout featured boar who is not only trendy in his pattern and impeccable in his build and angles, but is still wide chested and square underneath with a great attitude and appetite. The areas where 20-6 is unique should make him an intriguing breeding piece for a wide range of sows to make the next generation of Berkshires better.


Not only is 20-6 impressive in his own right, but his little is extremely deep coming out of a first little gilt. One of the littermate brothers was named Champion Berkshire Barrow at the Ohio State Fair. Another littermate barrow was named Reserve Champion at the Rock County Fair in Wisconsin. Selling 8 of the 9 pigs out of the little this spring, there were other littermates that were popular class winners at state and county fairs throughout the Midwest.



AUST8 OOH LA LALA 20-6's pedigree alone is packed with success as well. His sire was last year's champion boar at the NBS who has sired many champions this summer. His dam, who is now referred to as the Phoebe sow, is a full sib to the $22k 2016 STC Champion Gilt, $12 Juice It boar at Shipley's, $10k 2016 Hog College Gilt and Coattails, a herd boar on their farm. The sow line genetics go all the way back to one of the original gilts purchased from Iowa State University when Ken and Austin got started in the breed. That sow ended up being the foundation of their herd. These genetics produced AUST8 Fast Lane who sired Legend, a $50k Champion Berkshire Boar at WPX. Not only is there show ring success, but maternal power backing 20-6, as well!


Ken and Austin are proud of the progression the Berkshire breed has made, and think that this boar can help take the breed to the next level.




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View the video of the boar here.




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