Meet the Team:

Jan Allen

Published: June 6, 2018



ABA Board of Directors

Finance, Show, Communication, and BMP Committees


Jan is from Homer, IL and works for  Rantoul Foods as a Livestock Procurement Manager.



Share a little about your farm operation:

I have a small show pig business, about 30 sows. I raise Berks, Polands, Landrace, and Hamps. I grew up in the Angus cattle business, married into a Simmental family, but have had show pigs for 22 years.


Advice to those starting out in the industry:

 Raise the breed(s) and the kind you love. Don’t chase the trends, you will always

be a follower. Get involved in leadership and association activities. Always be learning.


What is your favorite show/event?

     I love them all, but the Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Texas, is by far my



Fun Fact:

I was a college teacher for 22 years, I wrote text books for 13 and I am one of the few female hog buyers in the United States.

 2637 Yeager Road | West Lafayette, IN 47906 | P: 765-497-3618 | F: 765-497-2959  |


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