Progeny Test Participant Spotlight

Kurobuta Berkshire, LLC


Published: October 1, 2017




      The Progeny Test was developed in 1991 by the National Barrow Show as a tool for swine breeders to identify genetically superior purebred sires in each breed through extensive testing and unbiased evaluation. The Progeny Test collects data on twelve different measures of growth performance, carcass composition, fresh meat quality, and eating quality traits to evaluate the performance from a sire’s progeny.


      Although the Progeny Test is no longer sponsored by the National Barrow Show, the American Berkshire Association collaborated with Berkwood Farms, LFM Labs, JBS United, Purdue University, and Iowa State University to continue the Progeny Test for Berkshire breeders in 2016. Consistent with previous progeny tests, this year’s test evaluated the performance of each sire group based on two production and marketing structures: 1) mainstream pork production focused on lean gain; and 2) niche markets for superior pork quality. More specifically, sires that excelled in mainstream pork production traits were recognized with 100% Berkshire Performance Sire Index Awards while sires that excelled in eating quality-based traits received “100% Berkshire Prime Pork Index” Awards (Pork Quality Excellence).


      Kurobuta Berkshire, LLC is no stranger to the Progeny Tests. They have been participating for 20 years and counting. Since their involvement in 1997, Kurobuta Berkshire, LLC has found that the Progeny Test is the best way to get comparative meat quality information for genetic improvement program. Their sire, KURO5 Stallion 19-7 (pictured below), had the highest prime pork index at 104.53 and their sire, GBI2 Black Diamond 21-9, had the highest performance index at 112.09.


      Dr. Rodney Goodwin, owner of Kurobuta Berkshire, LLC, offered the following tips to producers interested in participating in the progeny test, “We look through nurseries about a month ahead of entry to see if there are enough pigs of the right age from enough litters to make a sire group. Prior to delivery we give required vaccinations and ear tag the pigs.” For those of you interested in getting involved in the American Berkshire Association Progeny Test, Kurbouta Berkshire encourages you to select a group of healthy pigs that are close to the same weight. “Best to breed 5-6 sows to sire in order to have progeny test prospects to select from.” Congratulations to Kurobuta Berkshire, LLC!


To find out more information visit their website.






2018 Progeny Test Information


Each progeny pen consists of 8 offspring out of one sire with no more than 3 pigs originating from the same litter. Twelve different measurements for growth performance, carcass composition, fresh meat quality, and eating quality traits are then recorded on every pig that completes the test. These data are compiled, analyzed, and returned to participating breeders for use within their individual breeding or marketing programs.


The 2018 ABA Progeny Test will utilize the same testing facility (LFM Labs in Terre Haute, IN) and research collaborators (Purdue University and Iowa State University) as the 2017 ABA Progeny Test. The tentative delivery date for the 2018 Berkshire Progeny Test is set for March 17, 2018, which means that interested breeders should plan their progeny pen matings for January in order to hit the required entry weight range of 30 to 70 lbs. A $400 entry fee is required for each sire group at the time of entry.


Progeny test entries are due February 1, 2018, and entry forms will be published in future issues of the Breeders Digest. Please contact Matt Ritter (ABA Breed Improvement Chair) at 317-331-2854, if you are interested in entering progeny pens and / or being a sponsor for the test.







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