Meet the Team:

Neil Knobloch

Published: May 19, 2017



ABA Board of Directors

PresidentStrategic Planning Committee 


Share a little about your farm operation:

Knobloch Family Berks was started in 2007 to give our three children the opportunity to be entrepreneurs. Knobloch Family Berks is dedicated to raising ABA registered Berkshire breeding stock, show pigs, semen, and meat quality pigs for our premium pork niche market. We currently own 12 Berkshire sows and a Hereford sow. I serve as webmaster, educator, coach, and mentor for our three children. Kedron manages the operation while Grant and Nelson are at Purdue University.


Advice to those starting out in the industry:

 Spend at least a year watching, listening, and learning before you make your first purchase. Develop a business plan that includes your mission, vision and guiding values. Build relationships with experts and mentors. Build your brand. Stay true to your breeding vision and values. Make decisions that will have a long-term impact—no shortcuts.


What is your favorite show/event?

      I enjoy the World Pork Expo for a variety of reasons: (1) Iowa is where I started my career as a high school agriculture teacher; (2) the focus on education and innovation; and, (3) the diversity of people and Berkshires.


Fun Fact:

  Three random facts. I raised rabbits as my first youth entrepreneurship project (didn’t last long—not profitable). I was an all-conference offensive tackle in high school football. I did not change my major and I have three degrees in Agricultural Education.

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