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Randy Tuthill


Published: Sept. 28, 2018


Randy and Angela


     The Tuthill Family has been involved with the Berkshire breed for 27 years. Randy Tuthill and his wife Angela raise hogs in Wyoming, Ill., about 45 minutes north of Peoria. They have around 120 registered Berkshire sows that farrow a meat and show quality genetic line. The Tuthill Family are exceptional promoters of the Berkshire meat quality traits which has spread their business across the states and internationally.


Their hog operation is a family effort with their two sons. Cade Tuthill, is a 2018 American Berkshire Foundation scholarship recipient. He is attending North Carolina State University to earn a degree in Animal Science and Agribusiness. Trace Tuthill received a scholarship from the ABA Foundation in 2016 and currently attends Iowa State University.


Here's Randy's responses to our membership questionnaire:


When and how did you get started in the swine business?

As a 4-H and FFA project


What made you select Berkshires?

At the time, no one else in the area had them and it was unique


What is the best part of owning/raising Berkshires?

They are a very good business investment. Berkshire hogs have been profitable for a long time.


What change or advancement in the industry has impacted you the most and why?

The ability to test for meat quality has changed the way we look at our breeding program.


What is your favorite memory or experience raising swine?

Delivering hogs to crazy places, like Montreal Canada or to Mexico and the adventures that go with it.


Are there any quotes or advice that you would like to share with other breeders?

You will remember the good times you had at the shows, not the bad.



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